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Bryans & Gramuglia CPAs, LLC was formed to fulfill a vision of offering an unmatched level of professional service which includes the following:


     ♦  Providing a partner in the field who is responsible for and is directly involved in managing and completing the engagement. This will provide you and your organization with better communication and immediate decision making ability, increasing the effectiveness of the engagements and assisting in the delivery of a timely report.


     ♦  Offering professionals who work exclusively with not-for-profit entities and employee benefit plans, who will develop an in depth understanding of your organization’s operations and internal control systems, creating a cohesive and mutually rewarding relationship between your Organization and the Firm.


     ♦  A commitment from the Firm to invest in technology, such as paperless audit documentation software, that enhances audit procedures and efficiencies and creates a competitive pricing structure for our engagements.


     ♦  By fully utilizing technology and by committing to providing a partner in the field, we have the ability to provide you with draft financial statements before we leave your offices.

While based in Albany, New York, the Firm is dedicated to serving clients throughout New York State, Florida, Pennsylvania, and  Washington D.C.

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